Who We Are

Hi! I’m Tessa or you can call me Tess. I love writing and discovering new insights about people.
Hi, I’m Janice Chia. Lover of food and baking and all things social media. Currently, juggling school and a part time job as a baker at a cafe.
Hey there I’m Jin Kai! I spend more time on school campus than home, juggling IVP and hall commitments as a Honorary General Secretary, much to the exasperation of my parents.
Hello, I’m Jolene and I love food and I love dancing. I keep myself busy with dance commitments in Kent Ridge hall as a non-resident after contributing for 3 years!



















Being new to blogging, we struggled to find a creative and compelling URL that would attract our target audience’s attention. Eventually, we decided on everyoneisacriticnow, a reflection of how the advent of social media has allowed anyone and everyone to share their thoughts on any topic.


Group responsibilities:

Responsibilities were divided based on our strengths and expertise. Tessa is familiar with WordPress and helped to set up the blog. Jin Kai and Janice helped in contributing ideas for the URL. Jolene joined the class late so she is focused on making up for lost time in future posts!


What we hope to get out of this:

“I have never done a blog before and I hope that this project could inspire me to start my own blog about something that I am passionate about in the future.” -Janice


“Like Janice, I am also new to blogs. Hopefully through this I can learn how to write in a way that hall residents will read my emails rather than just delete them.”-Jin Kai


“Through this combined effort, I hope to learn how to work synergistically as a group, refine my writing skills and develop useful knowledge for me to excel in future jobs.” – Tessa

“I am also new to blogging like the rest! Through this experience, I hope to be better able to share my thoughts and convey valuable messages in a meaningful way ” – Jolene

We hope to expand our writing experience on various social media platforms and consolidate our learnings about social media through this blog. Concurrently, we hope that our readers will benefit from this blog just as much as we have.



(Header image adapted from: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/sites/default/files/post_main_images/social_media_trends_1.jpg)


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