Content is king / I Quit Campaign

In this day and age of social media, we often hear the words ‘content is king’. Indeed, regardless of how well a campaign is planned and executed, it will fall flat if its content fails to engage the target audience

Today, we explore how Health Promotion’s Board ‘I Quit’ campaign successfully encouraged people to stop smoking through its anti-smoking messages.



What is “content is king”?

Research undertaken showed that negative messages instilled in smokers a sense of victimization and isolation, and were more likely to cause them to continue smoking. Therefore, negative messages are a big NO.

Here we explore how the “I Quit” campaign created successful content for their campaign:
  1. Use of positive language

Unlike previous campaigns, the ‘I Quit’ campaign chose to focus on pro-quitting messages, aiming to inspire smokers to quit rather than scare them into quitting.

“We made Quitters – real people who pledged to stay smoke-free – the stars of the campaign. They served as inspiration and encouragement for other smokers to follow, turning ‘I Quit’ into a movement.”  –  Troy Lim, Creative Director, Ogilvy and Mather Advertising Singapore

  1. Use of simple cues

A special hand sign was conceptualized, consisting of a raised hand, palm facing outwards, with the index and middle upright. People who had quit or pledged to quit smoking were filmed at roadshows making the sign and stating their reasons for quitting smoking.


  1. And of course, Social Media

An ‘I Quit’ page was created on Facebook, receiving 4000 likes. It served as a social platform where quitters could share stories, provide support and encouragement for others.

5 years on, the campaign is still going strong in Singapore, and has been credited with reversing the upward trend of prevalence of smokers, providing a great example of how ‘content is king’.


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